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Signature Facial Treatments



HydraFacial Treatment is noninvasive and show Immediate visible results. extolate extract and hydrate skin with ant oxidants. peptides and vitamins

Diamond Silk Lifting


Soluble Collagen Thread and Nano Essence Combination smooth away wrinkles and improve elasticity for a stunningl youthful  wrinkles glow, eye wrinkles, promote younger-looking skin.

Carbon CO2 Therapy


This treatment uses CO2 as a special mechanism for skin brightening, improvement in blood flow and skin texture. Benefits: reduced pigmentation and dark circles. repaired fine lines. lightening, skin oil balance. moisture, and radiance



Microdermabrasion is used to slough off the top layer of dead skin cells. followed by an Infusion of serums that are custom to your skincare needs

Detox Chemical


A detox facial is an excellent skin treatment that is great for vour skin. It helps in the elinination of not only excess oil but also skin toxins. leaves you with crow G healthy skin

24 K Gold Luxury



cleansed with purifying cream. Combined with 24

karat gold leaf massaged into the skin using Radio

Frequencv to regenerate, hydrate, and nourish.

revealing an opulent clow.

Sunshine Nails Vaughan
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